Helping Patients and Families with Collateral Damage
from Diagnoses of Blood and Pediatric Cancers

Family Cancer Network (FCN) is a growing nonprofit organization with the primary focus on helping patients and families dealing with blood and pediatric cancer. With a vision to broaden its reach, the FCN concentrates its efforts on providing grants to directly support patients and families who are in financial need due to a blood or pediatric cancer diagnosis.

Over $100,000 provided to cover travel, rent, groceries, school supplies, hearing aids, tutoring from missing class for treatment, and so much more in order to help recipients focus on fighting!

The Collateral Damage of Blood and Pediatric Cancer Diagnoses

FCN fills a unique need for patients and families battling blood and pediatric cancers. There are numerous cancer-related non-profit organizations doing significant work in terms of education and research. But FCN noticed a MAJOR gap when it comes to assisting families with the unexpected financial burdens of a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer treatments are costly in a multitude of ways. Many patients and their family members often must stop working in order to get the treatment necessary for themselves or for their loved ones. When this happens, life’s overall expenses do not stop. This can cause tremendous stress, on top of an already stressful cancer-diagnosis. FCN calls this additional burden the “collateral damage” of blood and pediatric cancer treatments.

Faced with this “collateral damage,” we hear families asking themselves:

What happens when I run out of paid time-off (vacation/sick) from my job because I need to be away from work to seek treatment for myself or a loved one?

What if I don’t have a reliable mode of transportation to get myself or my family member
to treatments?

What will I do to cover the additional gas and lodging costs associated with treatments occurring in a different city or state?

How do I choose between paying rent or the mortgage, buying groceries, or getting treatment?

This is the collateral damage of blood and pediatric cancer treatments. For those families who do not have the financial resources to sustain the damage, FCN steps in to provide families with direct financial assistance.